PetVet Background

Pet Vet App

Creating a response for emergency pet scenarios through intuitive design

ROLE: UX Designer


at a glance


Work with a team of students to create a service for those experiencing the poisoning of a pet through an app that serves as a one-step solution for diagnosis, care, and treatment of pets.


  • ​Interviews were conducted with both pet owners and veterinarians

  • Low fidelity prototypes were developed and tested with end users to analyze functionality

  • Medium fidelity prototypes were designed in order to test design styles with end users 

Designing an experience to serve those in crisis



User interviews were conducted in order to assess what features pet owners would need to achieve their goal

  • Individuals wanted a way to create profiles for their pet(s) that could be easily accessed

  • Research suggested that onboarding should be bypassed for those that are handling emergency scenarios

  • Vets were interviewed to determine how to best diagnose pets


Low fidelity wireframe of home page

user journey

New Pet Owners

  • Try to understand the problem

  • Need to use the app to find out how to treat their pets

  • Treat their pet at the hospital if necessary

Experienced Pet Owners

  • Identify a specific issue 

  • Use the app for assistance 

  • Treat their pet at home if possible


  • Confirm their treatment by cross checking with other veterinarian sources

  • Use the app to guarantee correct diagnosis

  • Diagnose the pets of their clients


Three distinct user groups were identified: new pet owners, experienced pet owners, and veterinarians

  • New pet owners expressed a desire to better understand the problem their pet was experiencing and be provided with an action plan

  • Experienced pet owners spoke about needing the app to identify specific issues

  • Veterinarians wished to confirm their treatment of pet scenarios by cross checking others via the app


user interface


Once all usability mistakes were tested for, a final prototype was designed in Adobe XD

  • Medium fidelity prototypes were designed first in order to allow users to test functionality without getting distracted by style

  • Styles and colors were then tested with end users to see which UI resonated most positively 

  • Users decided on a color palette that connoted the idea of confidence while remaining calm enough to help them navigate stressful scenarios


pet profiles


Containing all actions within one application

what came of it


A high fidelity prototype verified through the analysis of end users. 

The interface was designed to make the user journey as simple as possible in order to aid individuals with the emergency response.

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