Christy LaPerriere

UX Designer / Data Analyst / Product Obsessed 

A designer dedicated to storytelling through experience driven products.


Visualizing Birds of the National Parks

Client: Pratt Institute

Skills: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Illustration, Augmented Reality Design


Redesigning a Travel App

Client: Hoptale

Skills: Product Management, UX  Research, UX Design


Rethinking how Visitors Interact with Charity Sites

Client: Sea Turtle Conservancy

Skills: UX Research, UX Design, Illustration, Web Development


Conducting Research on University Library Site

Client: School of Visual Arts

Skills: UX Research, Project Management, UX Design, Design Strategy

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Rethinking Mobile Privacy & Security

Client: STIR Lab

Skills: Participatory Design, Project Management, UX Design, Illustration


Redesigning a Website for Art Lovers

Client: Variable West

Skills: Product Management, Project Management, UX Design, Illustration