SightPlan Background

SightPlan VUI

Designing an industry leading natural language understanding unit for voice interactions

ROLE: Lead Designer


getting started


  • Research best practices in the area of voice interaction

  • Define the audience and research how users interact with current product

  • Design a voice user interface to be implemented by team of engineers


I was tasked with the goal of creating a natural language understanding unit to define the new standard in the resident service and asset management industry and facilitate more beneficial interactions with end users.

Before design, best practices were identified



After analyzing what the end product should look like, I gathered data on current natural language understanding units and what they were doing well

  • Data was gathered on the current customer facing NLUs on the market

  • These units were analyzed for how they were introducing themselves to the user, responding to feedback, and correcting misunderstanding

  • Tone was analyzed to determine what words or phrases were used to represent the company's brand identity


I mapped out the user's steps to see how I could simplify their journey to help them complete their desired intent with the product

  • Determined the main paths the user would take when interacting with the product

  • The quickest path was analyzed to ensure the end user would be able to achieve their individual goals

  • Iterative questions were designed to better access unique situations 

  • Interactions were prepared to handle errors and respond accordingly


vui design

Once potential pain points were tested for, a voice user interface was designed and developed

  • All potential paths were mapped out

  • Paths were developed with a tone that represented the company's brand identity

  • Voice was selected to read script to the user

Designing interactions with virtual assistants


  • A fully formed voice user interface designed to be implemented by the engineering team

  • An understanding of best practices as they pertain to voice user interface design